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Daily Market Briefing

Keep track of market developments and trading opportunities.

Unlimited Q&A

Ask unlimited questions when using the resources inside the trainee area.

Ongoing Lessons

Master professional global macro trading with two lessons every week.

Trainee Area

Access our dedicated trainee area with an archive of all training recordings.

Institutional Analysis

Access restricted market research from banks and economists.

Career Progression

Become consistently profitable and get allocated Fund capital to trade.

About The Program


Our program is a world-class online learning environment for those who are serious about starting a professional money management career.

Who Is This Program For?

This program for anyone that wants to forge a professional money management career.

What's Different About This Program?

It’s the only program in the world that gives daily access to active investment fund traders that trade the markets in a professional capacity. 

WHo teaches this program?

Our team of hedge fund traders – including founder Nicholas Bovell – teach our students through daily training videos and resources.

Is there a trading philosophy?

We teach global macro trading, a method used by the world’s leading hedge funds. It involves analysing economic and political events.

What instruments does the fund trade?

We teach our students how to trade the following instruments: Foreign Exchange, Equity Indices, Commodities, Government Bonds & Individual Stocks.


We’re proud to help retail traders transition into professional money management careers. But don’t just take our word for it – read what industry professionals and students have to say.

Choose your plan

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$ 150 Per Month
  • Daily Market Briefing
  • Unlimited Q&A
  • Ongoing Lessons
  • Trainee Area
  • Institutional Analysis
  • Career Progression


$ 1,350 Per Year
  • Daily Market Briefing
  • Unlimited Q&A
  • Ongoing Lessons
  • Trainee Area
  • Institutional Analysis
  • Career Progression
25% Discount


How do I get funded?

The ultimate purpose of our training program is to enable the investment manager of the Bovell Global Macro Fund to expand the trading team. This means allocating capital to successful graduates and continuing to mentor them so they can take a larger role as a professional money manager at the Fund.


To get funded, a trader will need to show at least 12 months verified trading performance on a live account of at least $5,000. As a rough guide, the maximum drawdown should be less than 30% and the ROMAD should be greater than 3. These are, however, only guidelines and we will look at performances that fall slightly outside these parameters if the trader can demonstrate a thorough understanding of markets, prudent risk management and an enthusiastic, long-term ambition of becoming a professional trader. Our trading program is specifically designed to guide traders along the path of developing a consistently profitable track record.


If you already have a good trading record, then email your link or documents to [email protected]

Can I get funded without joining the BGM Hedge Fund Trader Program?

Yes. However, you will be at a great disadvantage to those who are being mentored by our investment managers. Ultimately, the determinants of whether a trader gets funded or not will be their trading performance record and their ability to demonstrate a thorough understanding of global markets and prudent risk management.

How much capital is allocated?

Capital allocation starts at a notional value of $250k and can increase by $250k every 6 months based on performance review. A consistent trader can be managing $1 million after 2 years.

Do I still have to pay for training after being allocated capital?

No. You will be employed as a trader at the investment management company and you will have access to all the other senior traders including the CIO. You will also have full access to all our training resources including the daily training videos. We want you to be the best trader you can be.

How long does it take to become a professional trader?

Becoming a professional trader can take anywhere between 3-10 years. There are however people who trade for more than 20 years and never become successful because they are taught the wrong things, usually by scam artists who pretend to be traders themselves.


Despite what scam artists who on social media claim, no one becomes a professional trader without many years of training and practice. Professional trading is a very high-paid career – think of it as becoming a brain surgeon; you will need to study and practice for many years, but once you’ve achieved success you are rewarded with an income that is far beyond most people’s imagination.