Careers & Training

The Bovell Global Macro Fund’s assets under management have been growing rapidly since its launch. This growth in AUM has seen the investment manager need to expand the trading team.


Finding traders with verified, profitable trading records has proved, however, to be extremely difficult. The Fund’s CIO concluded that the reason for the almost-complete absence of consistently profitable retail traders was due to the online trading education industry being saturated with educators who don’t actually know how to trade and do not earn a living from trading. What exists today is a vicious cycle where failed traders who don’t make money teach other traders the same set of “skills” that don’t make money, usually with a lot of slick marketing and fraudulent, unverifiable claims.


It was recognition of this issue, coupled with the need to hire traders, that prompted the Fund’s investment management team to create a world-class, institutional-grade training program to develop retail traders into professionals. Successful program graduates are allocated Fund capital and earn a monthly performance fee.

The Bovell Global Macro “Hedge Fund Trader Program” is the only online trader training program in the world delivered by a regulated hedge fund and taught by professional traders.